Great Breeze Today + WOW Singlehand Clinic

First a friendly note on fleet dues for 2020. As COVID has reduced the length of our season and forced us to cut back on most of our social events, we have decided to reduce the dues payments to $30 for 2020. This money will go towards the fleet loaner boat program, one of our key vehicles to drive growth in the fleet as well as any social events that we will hopefully be able to host later this fall. You can register here. If you have already paid Greg by cash or check, please just let me know and I will mark you as paid. 

Additionally, scores are posted from last week!  We had a total of 9 boats on the starting line, including one radial, three 4.7’s, and FOUR Women Sailors!!! Breeze was out of the south starting at 15 knots, slowly diminishing to 8-10 knots by the end of the night. Summer days are long and we were able to run 4 full races with lots of excitement and competition for everyone.

Tim Ponter, Karly Albert, Andrew Sommer, and Griffin Orr from the laser fleet also took part in helping WOW run their first Singlehand Clinic over the weekend. Conditions were perfect and we were able to get 12 sailors on the water using Butterflys and Lasers. Everyone had a great time and learned a lot! We started with the sailors sailing upwind/downwind between two marks before transitioning into races at the end of the day. Our coaches all had a ton of fun watching and helping everyone to become faster and more comfortable with the boat! Expect a similar clinic for the wider laser fleet group soon!

Last Wednesday of Season

Last Wednesday Party At Bowman’s

Everybody, due to expected inclement weather and possible flooding this Wednesday we are going to have our Laser Fleet party together with Women on Water on Wednesday in lieu of racing.

PLEASE RSVP (Reply to this e-mail or text Alex G) by Tuesday end of day so we can get a headcount for food. Everybody is invited.

Bowman has kindly offered to host us! So tell Brig North to be on his best behavior.

Time & Location: 7pm @ Bowman’s House (6511 Deloache Ave, Dallas, TX 75225)

Entry ticket: Appetizer, dessert, and/or Scotch/IPA

Dress: Hikers recommended

Exciting Sailing This Fall

Exciting Sailing Ahead!

Announcements!! Please Read:

  • Club Championship September 21st. We are in need of one additional person on committe. Please reach out to Griffin if you can help!
  • Laser CLINIC!! It has been some time since our last one and with so many new sailors we are excited to announce a FREE clinic this coming Sunday from 10-12am. Lunch will be provided. Please register for a loaner if you would like to use one.

Write-up from last weeks sailing:
Yesterday we had nine boats participate in shifty, up and down conditions. Sailing were Griffin, Mark B., Eric Ro., Mike R., Tim, Forest, Joe, Greg, Adam, Andrew. On the chase boat we had Diana, Porter and Brig, who ran three challenging races, two two-lappers and one one-lapper.

The wind was a challenge as it came out of the southeast with big direction changes, and some decent  gusts. It was quiet when we arrived, but soon built. Several new folks played it safe and stayed on shore or went on the RC boat.  Not everyone from our club did, alas. A V15, apparently hired by Exxon to search for oil under the lake, kept sinking its mast in the sludge that is the lake bottom.  No oil was found, but it was confirmed the bottom of the lake mud is stinky! All worked out okay in the end.  

We had a couple of capsizes in our fleet, but everyone sailed well.  The near miss capsize was executed to perfection by Eric Roman, who AGAIN, won the contest for the best save after hitting a massive log, as shall be explained.

The Wiz did very well in the windiest first race, first passing and then stretching on Eric Ro.  In the second race it was again a battle between those two until Eric hit an underwater lurker, came to a complete stop, let go of everything, including the mainsheet which resulted in the boom going to about 110 degrees, had the boat in a deathroll, and somehow, someway, only with what had to be divine intervention, saved it!  Griffin took that race, but Eric got a 10 for style. In the final race Eric held off the Wiz at the line and Forest demonstrated Gray Power for third. Mark Babb was always in the mix, too.

It was a challenging night of sailing, but fun.  The group decided to retire to Shady’s. Always a fun time.


Dallas Goes — And WINS in Colorado

Beers and Brats after Sailing to welcome back Colorado Travelers!!


Fleet Provided Dinner Tonight!!!

This past weekend, 7 Dallas Laser Fleet Sailors (Griffin Orr, Alex Goldberg, Tim Ponter, Forest Atkins, Eric Roman, Andrew Sommer, and Brian Hannan) traveled to Grand Lake, Colorado to race in the Colorado Laser Championships. DLF and Texas proved once again that we are a force to be reckoned with, brining home 1st (Griffin Orr), 3rd (Eric Roman), and top Master (Craig Berleme from San Antonio)! This is quite impressive given the strong showing of 35 lasers marking the largest Colorado Laser Championship in history. 

Sailors were greeted with cool temperatures in the 40’s Saturday morning, but the hot coffee and warm hospitality of the Grand Lake Yacht Club quickly got things warmed up. Boats got on the water around 10:30 AM when some light breeze filled in out of the south east. This quickly built to around 5-15 knots, just in time for the first race. 

Though there were some hard right shifts just before the start, Griffin noticed American Flags on the south shore indicating a hard left was about to start. By the start, he was unable to make the pin and ended up port tacking the fleet and was launched into a comfortable lead with Andrew Sommer and Alex Goldberg close by. As the top 5 leaders rounded the weather mark, the wind began to fade and a large gap formed between those sailing downwind in breeze and those attempting to make the top mark in a large hole. Those at the top would continue to hold the breeze through the rest of the race with Griffin taking away the win with Alex finishing 4th. 

Following the first race the fleet was gearing up for race number 2 when lightning struck on the nearby ridge, prompting all sailors to head in for lunch. Storms continued to skirt the lake all afternoon, but we eventually got back on the water around 4PM. We got into sequence when the wind flipped a 180, forcing the race committee to abandon to avoid a downwind start. As the new breeze was holding, we sailed to the other side of the lake to give it another go. Though the line was very right favored, we were off! At the top mark Griffin and Eric were rounding out the top 5, but the skies. were getting dark as another storm approached over the mountain. Sure enough,  lightning struck on the second upwind, forcing the day to come to a close. 

Day 2 promised a forecast of clear skies but variable breeze. Sailors left the dock in no breeze in the hopes that it would eventually fill in…. and boy did it!! The breeze first filled out of the south at 10-15 and shifted hard left just before the gun, providing us with a “Nascar” style race… (Turn left around the marks!).  Griffin finished with a 4 and Andrew with a 5.

Next, the race committee shifted the course to square and set us off again. Andrew and Griffin quickly got in a 1, 2 position and extended away from the fleet. This proved to be one of the messier races with winds ranging  from 10-20 and shifts from just about every direction. I even recall getting it by a 15 knot puff that sneaked up from leeward. (Think about that one… it almost flipped me over). Andrew was cursed by a capsize but was soon replaced by Eric who took second behind Griffin. 

If we thought race 3 was crazy, race 4 was there to prove us wrong. A huge right shift came in at the start, enabling every boat on the line to make the committee boat. The breeze continued to build, now around 15-25 knots. Eric began planing about halfway up the first leg and did not stop until the finish. The sleigh ride on the first downwind was truly epic. Our 40 knot days on White Rock clearly had us at an advantage as we were working every knot out of our boats while many competitors were just hanging on for dear life. Eric dominated half a lap ahead with Griffin in 3rd, Alex in 6th,  and Andrew in 7th. 

The race committee once again shifted the course to square and we prepped for the last race of the day. The breeze was now a stead 15-25 with puffs in the 30’s. Don’t get me started on the shifts… it was wild! Alex and Griffin got off to a good start near the boat and found themselves up front with Alex first around the top mark. The first downwind leg was actually very mild and drama free. The second started with a monster puff taking out most of the top boats. No lead was certain! Griffin ended with another first, Alex with a 7th and Tim with a 12th. 

Cool July Weather for a Perfect Wednesday Night

Cool July Weather for a Perfect Wednesday Night

Excellent turnout this Wednesday was spurred by light to medium winds and cool temperatures in the mid 80’s. Joining us on the water was Owen, Forest, Tim, Porter, Jen, Mark, Jim, Sean, Diana, John, and Griffin. Running races were the dynamic father daughter duo of Jack and Aubin! Out on the loaners were Sean and Diana who had a blast after being kept onshore the last few wednesdays due to high winds. 

We completed 5 very shifty races with wind out of the east with a start line off Jackson point, weather mark by the bath house and leeward mark off the west shore. Puffs going down the course were often a 40+ degree shift from the previous wind. This made it critical to sail the lift that you are on and to connect the dots to the next puff. 

Griffin had a strong clean sweep winning every race with Tim, Porter, Mark, and Forest snapping at his heels. The races were drama free except for a pile up at the pin for the last race resulting in both Griffin and Forest being called over early. 

We ended the evening with a fun night at the White Rock Alehouse. It was decided that if their IPA is called the capsized kayak, they need to name their 2X IPA the capsized laser! 

Also HUGE shoutout to our very own Aubin Hattendorf for being the top radial girl at Houston Youth Race Week!! CONGRATS! 

Wednesday Night Fun and Slalom Saturday!

Wednesday Night Fun and Slalom Saturday!

Read down to the bottom for Slalom Regatta this Saturday!!!

Sailors were greeted with 10-15 knot winds from the North this past Wednesday with mild temperatures making for a picture perfect evening. Sailing we had Owen, Forest, Tim, John, Griffin, Greg, and surprise guest, Skylar Bayman! We also had Jamie Weston out on the loaner for the first time with us! Alex and Eric ran four fantastic races for us with extra long windward legs, adding a new element to the racing. 

Owen, Griffin and Skylar (X2) were the race winners of the evening. The racing saw many large shifts as the breeze was coming off the north shore, so it was important to sail to the next lift but not to bury oneself and risk the wind shifting in the opposite direction. One special shoutout to Skylar, who much to the entertainment off the race committee capsized on the downwind leg during a roll gybe. He then proceeded to grind his boat like the young kids “dance”, popping it back up in 5 seconds, hardly loosing any time at all. 

We followed the evening of racing with a fleet sponsored cookout and a meeting to discuss the damage to the laser pad area and how best to mitigate storm damage in the future. the outcome of the meeting is as follows:

  1. Griffin will work with Jody to create a new tie down spec that will be enforced on all dolly stored boats.
  2. The fleet will purchase a spool of line and materials to help fleet members comply with the new spec.
  3. The fleet will help the Davit Registrar in facilitating inspections and reporting boats that are out of compliance / not tied down properly. 

This is a very important topic not only to prevent damage to our own boats, but also to prevent damage to others. Lasers took out between 1-3 flying scot / corinthian rigs during the storm and we need to ensure that we are doing our best to ensure that this does not happen again from one of our boats.

Slalom Regatta!!!

At long last we have a good wind forecast for a Laser Slalom Regatta. We will start with a free lunch at 1PM this Saturday with races starting shortly after 2. Racing will be held just in front of the clubhouse, so spectating will be epic! Come down and join us for some serious fun!!


Wednesday Night FUN

Wednesday Night FUN

This Wednesday we had a very good turnout. Sailing we had Griffin, Alex, Brig, Mark, Mike R., Jim, Greg, Forest, Eric, Dan, and John. The group completed four W2s set up by Owen and Mike M. in excellent conditions. While it was mostly a lightish affair, everyone got to stretch their hiking legs now and again.
Griffin pulled off a “Clean Sweep,” taking all four races. He did this despite some adversity, including being OCS in one race. He was simply the best sailor on the water that evening. He also had the best looking sail with the Gryffindor crest where the Laser symbol normally  resides with a broom and a Golden Snitch taking up much of the bottom part of the sail.  Awesome!  Nipping at his heels consistently were Eric and Alex. There was plenty of action all around the course, making for a delightful evening on the water.

We now have a “Cold War” arms race on our hands with new, fake Laser sails! The Intensities have competition from Rod Favela’s unknown brand of bi- radial sails, and Eric brought Rooster into the equation with his English import. The good news is this arms race only sets you back about $160 to have what the best are using. As with anything, practice makes up for not having the best sail. I recall seeing Paul Foerster using a lousy, completely blown out sail to blow away the competition by hitting shifts correctly. So it is certainly not necessity, but it does make for fun talk!

To Eric’s credit, despite showing up late, not only did he break his new sail out of the plastic bag, he also put numbers on the sail, making him COMPLETELY DLF rules compliant! Eric went for quite a spell without using numbers, and he was badgered in the putting them on by Sailor X. Ironically, Sailor X also broke out a new sail; however, he was numberless. When Eric asked Sailor X when he would have numbers on his sail, he replied “I’ll take as long as you did to get numbers on your sail the last time!” Ouch! All in good fun.

Afterwards, we tried a new dining spot, that being District 9,  just around the corner from the club on Buckner. We had Dan, Greg, Forest, Eric, Brig, Jim, and Griffin show up to enjoy the brats and adult beverages. The sassy waitress assigned new appellations to some of the guys, including “Gray” for Dan, “Yellow” for Jim, and the best, “Tie-dye” for Forest. We more mature types took umbrage to Dan’s “Gray” until we learned that the waitress was referring to shirt colors as opposed to hair color!

It was really great having a real fleet on the water. Come on out!

Summer is Coming

Summer is Coming

**Spoiler Alert**

This post contains Game of Thrones spoilers, so don’t read it if you are behind on the show.  I got Bill Barr, AG of the USA, to state the conclusions of the report since he was off yesterday.  

“It was fun.  Come out next week.”

On Wednesday, three days after the third episode of Game of Thrones aired, or as I call it “The Long Night +3,” six sailors braved the elements, including Owen, Griffin, Eric Ro., Alex, Forest, and me.  Doing a masterful job in the crash boat were Mike T. and Mark.The day was grey, like any other day in the northern climes of Westeros.  Thunderstorms prowled the lake resulting in light, shifty wind.  Wind Alert got it all wrong as it called for 15+.  Wind Alert proved as fallible as all the fanboy sites that predicted Jon Snow would off the Night King.  Nope, there wasn’t a lot of wind, and Arya, a teenage girl weighing a buck five, shattered the NK.  So much for predictions….

Three races, once around were held.  Griffin did his best impersonation of Dany riding Drogon torching the Lannister army in The Loot Train Attack (Season 7, Episode 4 for those keeping score).  He put the foot down and just flew.  Eric and Alex gave him a run one race, but it was pretty much done and dusted so far as who the best guy out there was, and who the best of the rest were as well.

So Griffin’s night was similar to the NK’s in the first half of Sunday’s episode.  The zombies comprising the Army of the Dead were kicking butt and taking names as was the G man.  I wasn’t as fortunate.  I think I know where all the remaining Valerian Steel is – in my boat!  I was slow!!  Sheesh.

As we attempted to get a fourth race off, the dragons flew through the clouds, spitting fire and clapping their wings.  The weather rolled in just like when a White Walker shows up at any spare to fair battlefield, and rain came down like Dany’s tears mourning the dying Ser Joura – slowly at first, and then a downpour! 

We were all soaking wet.  Alex stripped down and pranced about in his underroos.  Was he wanting to prove he’s not like Varys?  All I know is I can’t unsee it…. 

Forest loaded up a boat he will repair Gendry style for the new fleet loaner. Thanks, Forest!

Afterwards, Alex, Eric, Griffin and I went to Lake House.  Hot Pie wasn’t there, but two of his sisters were (they’re really nice!), and they kept us in beer and burgers.  

When the time to leave came, it was raining really, really hard.  Griffin and Eric counted to three to begin their run to their cars.  Eric pulled a Cersei, promising Griffin he would go on three just as Cersei promised Dany she would fight for the living – Eric stayed under cover and Cersei stayed at King’s Landing.  Griffin had a flip flop blow out as he ran, requiring him to double back.  The three stragglers stayed and had another round until the rain lessened.

It was a GREAT night for sailing and cajoling!  Adam, you HAVE to be at the lake next Wednesday as I have to pick your GoT brain.  Please come out, y’all, as the weather is getting better and better.  And yes, SUMMER IS COMING!!


Other Activities

The Laser fleet was active this weekend with Mark and Mike taking the FS Districts and Alex and me taking a distant third.  Congratulations, Mark and Mike!  

Griffin joined Jack at Lake Arlington to sail Aeros in the stout conditions.  Griffin reported Jack had one whale of a death roll which resulted from Jack pulling his board up to clear debris.  “Clean up in Aisle 4.”  But Jack righted the boat, and they had a ball.

One funny occurrence Sunday.  Alex was doing his best to get people to come to WR to sail Lasers.  He was talking to one RCYC sailor who said he refused to sail at WR “because you can do everything right and end up in the middle of the fleet.”  Really?  That’s not what I saw last night!!  WR is a great lake to sail on, and we all need to support the club, our fleet, and our lake.  Buy a CSC shirt!!  Represent!!

Weekend Regatta and Polos!

Weekend Regatta and CSC 80th Polos

Kessel Run Regatta: Join us at Viridian on an RS Aero this weekend!! The Kessel Run Regatta, hosted by Viridian Sailing Center is this weekend. Registration + Aeros charter is only $115, a screaming deal! Register here: and contact Jack Hattendorf with any questions. 

CSC 80th Polos: If you haven’t noticed Corinthian Sailing Club is celebrating its 80th year! It has been awhile since CSC has issued a club polo shirt, we have made special one for the 80th incorporating a special logo. All the fleets at CSC are getting them so they can be in their fleet photo. Fleet Photo? Yes, Fleet Photo! We will have our new polos and have a Laser on a dolly in front of CSC. We want everyone to be in it with the special 80th polos. The polos will be on sale for a limited amount of time via our online store. You will be able to sign up at May’s First Friday Party, all transaction will be done by credit cards. A Few Details: Sizes: S,M,L,Xl,XXL – Colors: Navy Blue or White – Cut: Regular Cut – Fabric: Dry Fit or Cotton.

How Close is Close

How Close is Close?

Yesterday we had five boats participate in consistently windy, shifty conditions. Sailing were Forest, Owen, Alex, Eric Ro., and Griffin. On the chase boat we had Dan, John, and Brig, all of whom had the best seat in the house for some incredibly close racing.

Owen started the night off with a runaway win followed closely by Forest. This race set the tone for what would be an excellent night of sailing by Owen.

The second race was a two lapper, and it was taxing. Griffin did a great job of hiking hard and using lots of boom vang to allow him to sheet out in the puffs, keeping the boat flat and fast. He might not have pointed as high as everyone else, but he was going fast to weather. Downwind he was simply the fastest through a combination of staying in the pressure and sailing the boat aggressively.

Race four saw Eric come to the fore sailing fast and with power. He really didn’t look back.

The last race had to have been one of the best I’ve ever seen. Alex started at the pin, but the predicted leftie really didn’t show up. Owen started at the boat and kept everyone under his thumb. He tacked when he wanted to, and continued to control the tight pack. Alex and Griffin stayed on starboard for a while, deciding to come into the mark on port. Griffin tacked several boat lengths before Alex, made a huge duck of a starboard tacker, and got in the starboard tack line, which was now the white Wall from Game of Thrones. Alex tacked onto port and, like the Night King riding the reanimated dragon Viserion, used his blue boat power to cut a hole in the Wall, tacking just under Griffin.  I was screaming like a kid!  Definitely the move of the night.

But this race was far from over! Yes, Owen had a lead, but the pack of Forest, Alex, Eric, and Griffin compressed to the point where they were four abreast reaching the zone at the leeward mark. Eric was on the outside and swung wide to jibe first. Forest had inside overlap on everyone and made his rounding with Alex right on his tail. Griffin rounded next with Eric closely following, and both tacked to starboard. Owen held onto his lead to win the final race of the evening, and the finishes were boom, boom, boom, boom after him.  How close is close?  Very!

Afterwards, Dan joined Eric, Brig, Forest, Alex, and Griffin at Lake House. It was a great capper to a fun evening of racing.

In order to be scored in the series, one must pay their dues of $50. This is been made painless by using……