Season well underway!

Series 1 of our local Dallas Laser Fleet racing concluded, and it was a success!  The weather even cooperated more for us than for many with only one rain/flood out!  Scores are in process of being updated, but it does point out that our scorer, Owen, needs to get a copy of the score sheet from the responsible race committee person ASAP upon completion of their obligation.

A few of our folks have traveled to D15 events thus far, which are always fun.  These regattas provide a different environment than good old White Rock, and they afford us an opportunity to meet new sailors, which is the most fun of all!  The next event will be in Palacious  August 22 and 23, so take note and give it a whirl.

One point needs to be hammered home: We as a group and individually need to be mindful of the weather.  Going sailing when storms are in the area without a rescue boat in the water, manned and ready to go, is not sensible.  Be aware of the radar and check for thunderstorms before you go out.  Also, we are in the summer season, and it is HOT on the water.  Make sure you have plenty of water on your boat, and drink it whether you’re thirsty or not.  If you wait until you’re thirsty to drink water, you’re already a bit behind the eight ball.

Series 2 of our local series is well underway, so come on out!  Looking forward to seeing each of you on the water soon.