Fun on the water — and off!!

Wednesday Night Racing Recap

We had a good showing of 14 boats Wednesday night, including an old friend making his 2018 Laser debut.  Sailing were Porter, Christof, Brian, Norm, Stas, Griffin, Tim, Alex, Chris, Cullen, Brig, Eric Ro., John E., and Owen.  It was great having Owen back out with us.  Large and in charge with race duty were Jack as PRO, Greg, and Zach.  Thanks, too, to Graham and John Oliver.

We had four races, three one lappers and a 1.33 lapper, which started as a two lapper, but was shortened as we ran out of daylight.

The wind was from the north east for much of the evening.  Velocity was about 3 to 10, with much of it around 6 or so, which made for a lot of fun.  Not too tiring, but not too light — just about right.

Even in the lightish air, we had three, count’em, three capsizes!  Griffin tipped at the leeward mark while leading (the cheers reverberated!), Eric capsized after rounding the weather mark in race 2 when he did a violent roll jibe resulting in a deathroll on top of himself(!), and Tim bit the dust in race 4.  Hard rolls were the common culprit on such a mellow night!

Porter had a fantastic first race, pulling a second in “Ocelot.”  The west side of the course came in, and he and the Young Wizard were the beneficiaries as the rest of the fleet was on the east side.  The shifts made for some very interesting racing, with big gains and big losses a result.  Griffin prevailed in three of the four races, and Brig got the other, but other than Griffin getting launched in a couple of races, it was tight!!

After racing we all gathered under the gazebo, bench racing and having a beer or two.  For some reason the testosterone really got amped up and most of the boys showed off their pull up acumen.  I was amazed!  My elbow hurt just watching them.

John Oliver, who’s relocating to Panama, brought some of his sailing things to give to people.  He gave his brutal hiking bench to Greg, a pair of Italian slippers John said he actually wore in public(!) went to Alex, a major wash tub for icing beers went to Tim, and the best, a Harry Potter wand from the Slytherin House, was presented to our Young Wizard, Griffin.  Simply brilliant.

All of this took us to 9:40, at which time the decision was made to go eat.  Off to The Lot we went, getting there just in time before the kitchen closed.  Included were Griffin, Tim, Eric, Christof, Greg, John Oliver, Stas, and Brig.  Greg’s interesting drink was white sangria.  Hmm…..  Lots of fun convos.  A great end to a fun evening.

Laser No Coast  

Event now passed, but new newsletter will be forthcoming going over the nitty gritty of that 23 boat event.


Dues I got sidetracked and didn’t get the naughty and nice list, but it will come out next week.  $50 to Greg, please!!

Big Fleet Race June 6 is the scheduled date for our big fleet race.  Make plans!  This will be the event of June!!