Wednesday Night Races — Incredible Turnout!

Wednesday Night Summary

Twenty one boats for a Wednesday night.  Let that sink in — 21 boats on a spare to fair Wednesday!  Wow!!

Sailors: Chris, Mark B, Mike M, Jack, Brig,Owen, Tim, Porter, John E, Jim H, Brian, Greg, Eric, Cullen, Isaac and Andrew from RCYC (yea!), Adam (new to our fleet (yea!)), Jody, Forest, Mike R, and Katie.  I know I have missed a few, so my apologies.

Running races were Norm as PRO, Jerri, Griffin, Graham, Jenkins and Annette.  Thank you!

Conditions were perfect!  Wind from the south primarily about 8 to 10, so the hiking muscles got worked a bit.  We had two one lappers and two, two lappers.  It took us right to sunset.

The name of this game was strategy!  If you hit the first shift, you were launched.  If your start was bad, so was your score!  Shifts and puffs required keeping one’s head out of the boat and being patient.

Tactics got a workout, too.  Due to the short length of the starting line, it took a lot of work to get set up where one wanted.  Surprisingly, there weren’t as many OCS calls as I’d have imagined!  Very impressive.

Mark B took the first one, and it was all Chris after that.  I guess Chris, having gone clean shaven, took about 15 years off his age and it must have taken 15 years of rust off his sailing!  He was a force with good starts, going the right way, and tacking at the appropriate time.

There was great competition throughout the fleet, and our visitors from Rush Creek, Isaac and Andrew, provided a lot of it for the front of the fleet.  So wonderful for them to be out with Cullen bringing on the next generation of sailors. 

Brian and I were talking about the big fleet on the short course and he observed how critical it was to not just bang a corner, but really watch what was going on with the shifts and pressure.  He did a very good job with less than stellar equipment getting himself toward the front.

What an awesome surprise it was seeing all the boats out!  Simply marvelous.  If we keep this up, 17 to 20 may become the new normal!

While putting boats away, the Young Wizard broke out two gallons of butter beer (without the butter!), which were quickly consumed.  Thanks, Griffin!  That hit the spot. We more mature types ensured the under 21 guys didn’t get any by drinking it quickly.  Heck, it was our civic duty!!

Best move of the night.  Mike R had his son, Jenkins, with him.  They stayed on the committee boat for three races, and for the last race, Mark B had Mike R use his boat.  Mike R did well, sailed the boat in, and put the boat away for Mark.  Mark B sauntered up as the last strap was clipped in place.  We all wondered if Mark was playing a game of chess, looking for car parts on the internet, you know, anything to wait until Mike R finished putting that boat away.  Mark B’s timing was impeccable.

Afterwards, the gang headed to Lake House.  Included were John Oliver, Griffin, Adam, Forest, Chris, Tim, Brig, Eric, Jody, Annette, and Greg.  The hit of the evening was John Oliver having Griffin rifle through his 45s.  Lots of Bowie, Zeplin, you know, 70s stuff.  But the hit for me was a Free Bird single.  I got my Skynard on!

All in all, a fantastic evening.


A naughty and nice list was threatened, but many of you have forked over your $50 to Greg, so thank you!  For those who haven’t, please do.  It’s well worth the money!!

Record Attempt June 6

Okay folks, 21 last night. Our record is 33.  We didn’t have Alex, Norm, Griffin, Jack, Aubin — and those folks are just off the top of my head!    We can do this!  


Griffin is committed to having more clinics to help people newer to the boat improve.  So keep watching the FB page for days and times.  It’s so much better having a knowlegeable person watching you and giving you tips — it’s likely 20 times more effective than trying to learn things on your own.  So take advantage of Griffin’s kind offer!!

Upcoming Regattas

There is the Summer Solstice at Seabrook the weekend of June 23 and 24, which is a District 15 stop, followed the following week by the Laser Nationals at Houston Yacht Club.  Several choices to get out on wavy water!