28 Boats on the Line June 6!!

What a FANTASTIC showing by the fleet to have 28 boats on the line! 

Thanks so much to Bob Gough and the Corinthian Fleet for running the races. 

I wasn’t there, but I heard it was great!

This Wednesday

While many in our fleet will be sailing Flying Scots in another regatta, some of us won’t, so come on out on Wednesday!  Same Bat time, same Bat station.

District 15 Events

We have several opportunities to travel, starting with the Summer Solstice Regatta to be held at Seabrook Sailing Club on June 23 and 24.  This is always a fun regatta, and you get to sail in some really good chop to boot!  And it’s also great practice for the following week, which is the Laser Nationals at Houston Yacht Club.  So take your boat down for the Seabrook regatta, leave it, and sail the nats.

Griffin has set up some FB accounts for the Seabrook Regatta and the Nationals, so check them out.  


Thank you to the folks who have ponied up for dues.  If you haven’t paid, please track down Greg.

The loaner system continues to bring new people to our group. If you know a sailor who wants to give it a whirl, apprise them of the program.  As we get into the season with weaker wind, the less experienced folks can try their hand.

Chris has announced he will be practicing on Saturdays at 9 am.  Practice is good — the more time on the water the better.  

Watch for more clinics to enhance the enjoyment of these little boats.  They’re fun!