Great Night of Sailing!

Wednesday Night Recap

It was a wonderful evening for Laser racing last night.  Five races were held in winds from the south, ranging from 8-15 with flat water making for some fun sailing.

And despite many of our fleet taking part in the Flying Scot regatta at Rush Creek, there were 12 people sailing!  Included were Alex, Cullen (more on him to follow), Chris, Christof, John E., Rachel, Porter, Adam, Sandy D. (yea!), and Stas of whom I am aware.  I know we missed a couple — sorry.

Overseeing the races were the recently separated conjoined twins, Mike R. and Mark B., and Eric Re.  Thanks guys!!!

Back from the Ted Nugent’s Motor City Madhouse* (and intact — a week there is about as much as I could take!) was Christof, who had a whale of a night.  He didn’t quite put a “Stranglehold” on the proceedings, but he was a force.  He was able to put the hammer down on the more experienced Chris and Alex when those guys got tied up with each other, AND he led a race to the last mark, ultimately finishing fourth.  Great job, Christof!

From looking at the results, there was obviously some good racing going on throughout the fleet.  But props must go to Chris for port tacking the fleet twice, apparently against the admonition of Mark B.!!

Special shout out to Cullen.  Cullen, who with his dad is competing in the Championship Fleet at the FS regatta, came back to WR when FS races finished at Rush Creek to get some more sailing in!  He put some of that Championship Fleet knowledge to use by winning the second race!  Good for you, Cullen.  Sailing a lot in as many different classes of boat as one can is how to really improve.  A guy of whom some of you may have heard, Paul Foerster, became arguably one of the best sailors in the world by racing anything that floated.

All in all, a great evening.  This was a worthy follow up to the BIG night last week considering competing interests.

Flying Scot Regatta at Rush Creek

A lot of our Laser sailors are at Rush Creek competing in the regatta, and they’re all doing well in their fleets!  We have Alanna and Bruce Moore (making his cameo), Jody and Annette, Forest and Mandy, Tim and Griffin, Cullen and Graham, Steve and Renee, and Greg Wallace sailing with Volkan all participating.  From what I have seen on the FS FB page, conditions look to be tough with big shifts and velocity changes (doesn’t that sound familiar?!).  Anyway, today is the last day of the regatta, so pull for the home teams!!  Woo hoo!!

Upcoming Regattas

Summer Solstice at Seabrook Sailing Club on Galveston Bay is June 23 and 24, followed by the Laser Nationals at Houston Yacht Club, also on Galveston Bay, on June 29 – July 3.  The Seabrook regatta is a blast, and I know several are going to attend.  I believe a few from our fleet will attend the Laser Nats as well.

If you aren’t doing the Laser Nats, there is an Aero regatta at Jack Hattendorf’s Viridian club on June 30 and July 1.  It’s a bit pricey as one has to pay a charter fee, but it’s close!!


Chris has been getting out on the water on Saturday mornings, and it’s fun.  Norm and I sailed with him last Saturday.  Chris has shaken a lot of rust off from his sabbatical, and he is eager to get the fleet up to speed.  Watch for his FB posts on our site.

Griffin will also be doing some clinics soon, so be on the lookout for those as well.  What is fun is improving so you can enjoy the game more.  We are blessed to have so many people who are willing to share tips and advice and then show you on the water, how to improve.  Take advantage of it!!

Fun Ideas

If you have any ideas for fleet fun, please let Griffin, Tim, Eric Ro, Greg W., or me (Brig) know.  This is our fleet, and the more ideas we have for fun things to do the better. 

* When you have a 60 year old writing the newsletter, you have to put up with some throwbacks to 40+ year old bands and songs.