Summer is HERE!

Summer is HERE!

The last Wednesday of Spring 2018 saw a good showing of boats Wednesday night.

Work undermined me again, so I don’t have a lot of details other than Alex won a race, and then went from the penthouse to the basement in a later race.  That’s what makes this game fun!!

Speaking of finishing last, EVERYONE does at one time or another.  The enjoyment is being in the water at our little oasis in the middle of the city with your buds.  Having a beer afterwards doesn’t hurt, either, unless you’re under 21!  And we have some clinics coming up to help everyone up their game.  So come on out!!  

Regatta Scene

There are several events being held in the next few weeks to get yourself wet.

Summer Solstice at Seabrook Sailing Club — June 23 and 24 in Galveston Bay
This is always a fun event.  Griffin is attending, and last I heard, he has room for traveling companions.

Laser Nationals at Houston Yacht Club — June 29 through July 3 in Galveston Bay
This is a test!  The young man who mopped up at our No Coast will be there with people who are likely better than he, so it’s a fantastic chance to learn by example!  If you can make it, do so!  You won’t be disappointed!

Aero Regatta at Viridian — June 30 and July 1 in Arlington
This isn’t Lasers, but it’s being sponsored by one of our Laser Fleet members, Jack Hattendorf.  Entry is $60 plus a $100 donation to the sailing club if you charter a club owned boat, so not cheap, but close.  If you can’t do the Laser Nats, this is not a bad opportunity to try a different boat and sail with a different crowd.  Griffin and I are taking this option.

The Galveston Bay regattas are in a fantastic venue.  Yes, it’s salt water, but boy, the sea breeze often kicks in and the chop builds!  If you weigh less than 170#, it will be more difficult in the breeze and chop if you’re in a full rig.  But the enjoyment derived from screaming down chop is not to be missed.  The GREAT thing about the Seabrook regatta is they often run triangles, so you get the pleasure of reaching, and if it’s blowing, the firehose is ON.  So try to get to Houston.  Oh, and the Seabrook Regatta is a D15 Circuit event.

July 4

The fourth is on a Wedesday, which is our normal sailing day, but there is the annual club party that day.  There has been some traffic back and forth with our fleet members to hold Opti races in lieu of our races, and it’s getting some traction.  Watch the FB page for more details.

Wednesday Night Momentum

We have some good momentum going. Breezes will be lighter through the summer, but from time to time, you get some real wind.  The key is to wear a lot of sunscreen, a hat, a rash guard, and drink a lot of water.  Beer doesn’t count!  Sunglasses don’t hurt either.  Let’s keep the momentum going!!