2016 Laser Regatta Schedule

2016 Laser Regatta Schedule:

March 26/27 Easter Laser Regatta, Austin Yacht Club — DLF had 9 members attend the regatta!

April 9/10 Lake Conroe Regatta, Conroe Yacht Club — Next Up!  We have several people going!!!

April 30/May 1 Laser Regatta, will be held at Rush Creek as part of Dinghy Fest

June 18/19 Summer Solstice, Seabrook Sailing Club

August 27/28 Cannonball Run, Palacios Yacht Club — Reserve a room at the Luther Hotel soon  they may book soon.  (361) 972-2312

October 1/2 Laserpalooza, Arlington Yacht Club (New location on the Fort Worth side of the lake)

November 5/6 Wurstfest, Lake Canyon Yacht Club

Winter Series

The scored Winter Series is underway! Come out Saturday and sail with us. First gun is 10:30am until December. Then, it is noon. We will sail three races with the Butterfly fleet. The season will continue until Spring.

Season well underway!

Series 1 of our local Dallas Laser Fleet racing concluded, and it was a success!  The weather even cooperated more for us than for many with only one rain/flood out!  Scores are in process of being updated, but it does point out that our scorer, Owen, needs to get a copy of the score sheet from the responsible race committee person ASAP upon completion of their obligation.

A few of our folks have traveled to D15 events thus far, which are always fun.  These regattas provide a different environment than good old White Rock, and they afford us an opportunity to meet new sailors, which is the most fun of all!  The next event will be in Palacious  August 22 and 23, so take note and give it a whirl.

One point needs to be hammered home: We as a group and individually need to be mindful of the weather.  Going sailing when storms are in the area without a rescue boat in the water, manned and ready to go, is not sensible.  Be aware of the radar and check for thunderstorms before you go out.  Also, we are in the summer season, and it is HOT on the water.  Make sure you have plenty of water on your boat, and drink it whether you’re thirsty or not.  If you wait until you’re thirsty to drink water, you’re already a bit behind the eight ball.

Series 2 of our local series is well underway, so come on out!  Looking forward to seeing each of you on the water soon.




Season Starts soon!

The schedule Wednesday night racing schedule is up.  First gun is 6:30.

Series I             April 8  – June 3
Series II            June 10  – August 5
Series III           August 12  – October 7

The District 15 schedule is up too.  

Regatta Host Club Dates
Easter Regatta Austin Yacht Club April 4-5
Laser Regatta Corinthian Sailing Club April 18-19
Chocopalooza Rush Creek Yacht Club May 16-17
Summer Solstice Seabrook Sailing Club June 20-21
Cannon Ball Palacios Yacht Club August 22-23
Laserpalooza Arlington Yacht Club Sept 20-21
Wurstfest Lake Canyon Yacht Club Nov 7-8

Annual Meeting

Brig North and his wife will host the annual business party at their home on January 21st starting 6:30pm. An evite will be sent out shortly so we can get a headcount. The theme for the potluck will be “no theme potluck”. Bring what ever you like to share be it a wheel of cheese, chips and salsa, egg rolls, pizza….. The fleet will provide the plates, napkins, and cutlery. As always, BYOB.

The fleet will be electing new officers, set the racing schedule, and discuss any other business matters. Below are the fleet positions that will need to be filled with a short description. Please review the list and consider participating. If you have any questions about the positions, contact Greg Wallace at captain@dallaslaserfleet.org.

  • Captain – Smile and look handsome.
  •  Scoring Coordinator – Inputs the weekly scores into the online service.
  •  Communications – Sends weekly emails to the fleet with upcoming events and news.
  •  Loaner Boat Program Coordinator(s) – Manages the boats and helps people get rigged. Reservations are made online.
  •  Webmaster – Maintains the website and post news and updates. The site uses WordPress to create and update pages.
  •  Treasurer – Collect dues and reimburses members for fleet expenses.
  •  Executive Race Committee – Schedules fleet members to race committee for the weekly series. The fleet also has quarterly assignments for both Sunday and Saturday races.
  •  Regatta Host Committee Chair – Organize the annual Laser regatta which is a district circuit stop.
  •  Social Chair – Organize the fleet dinners after each series as well as annual parties.
  •  Women/WOW Program Chair – Promote women in sailing by organizing activities and outreach events.

End of Year Awards

It has been a great year for Dallas Laser Fleet.  We have new members joining CSC.  We have members of WRBC joining us for Wednesday night racing.  The new dock is under construction which will supply 16 more boat pads.  Future is looking bright.

Here are the winners in 2014.

Series 1 Winners
Mark Babb, 1st
Forest Atkins, 2nd
Owen Bushaw, 3rd

Series 2 Winners
Griffin Orr, 1st
Mark Babb, 2nd
Forest Atkins, 3rd

Series 3 Winners
Sklyar Bayman, 1st
Briggs North, 2nd
Owen Bushaw, 3rd

2014 Overall Winners
Owen Bu​shaw, 1st
Forest Atkins, 2nd
Greg Wallace, 3rd

Top Junior  Skylar Bayman
Top Woman  Crista Hvidsten
Most Improved  Greg Wallace
Corinthian Sailor  Mark Babb
Top Rookie  Don Silva
Turtle Award  Don Silva
Turtle Award  John Oliver

Wurstfest Regatta

There were 16 Lasers in Full rig plus two more in 4.7 making the fleet the largest in the regatta. The fleet was assigned its own race course. On Sunday, it was a fast beam reach to and from the course in 15+ winds and waves. Great way to start and end the day. Mildtemperatures and sunny skies made for a beautiful weekend on the lake. On Saturday, when the winds where very light and shifty, we got 6 races in. High winds on Sunday challenged every skipper to keep the boat under control. The regatta was a good overall test of skill. Everyone had their glory moment.

Some folks managed to get out and see Cody Bryan Band at Gruene Hall. Check them out

Regatta scores are posted here. District 15 standings will be posted shortly.

Does this picture look familiar?


State Fair Regatta

CSC hosted the State Fair Regatta on Oct. 11, 2014.  This was a one day open regatta for all centerboard boats.  We had 5 Lasers on the line while the rest of the fleet helped with organizing and crewing on Flying Scots.  Bruce Moore was Regatta Chair.  Mark Babb and John Oliver worked on race committee.  Congratulations to Owen Bushaw (1st), Caleb Shi (2nd), Greg Wallace (3rd), Graham Viegut, and Doug Gable on doing a fine job racing on the water.  Norm Grail won 1st place crewing for Kelly Gough in Flying Scot.  Mike Rist won 2nd crewing for Jeff Perna.  Forest Atkins got to race with his Dad while he was in town.  There was no doubt that the season was changing.  Wildly shifting blue northern winds at 10-15mph had you working the whole day.  Good fun had by all.